Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern all purchases made through the Sweethomestores.com website (collectively, the “Site”). As used in these Terms and Conditions, “we,” “us,” or “our” refers to Sweet Home Stores, Inc. By using the Site to purchase products and services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


1. Order Notification and Charges

Our order confirmation to you does not solely signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it merely constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. At any given time after the receipt of your order, we retain the right to accept, decline, or place quantity or other limits on your order for any valid reason. It is our practice to notify you not only after we have duly confirmed your order but also once it has been dispatched for shipping. You shall be promptly notified both immediately upon the order's confirmation and upon its shipment.

In the instance where a credit card is utilized as the selected payment method, it is imperative to note that the credit card shall be subject to authorization for the full amount at the point of checkout, encompassing any applicable taxes.

2. Pricing

It is essential to acknowledge that the pricing and promotions displayed and advertised are exclusively available online. Such pricing and promotions do not extend to or apply within our physical stores.

3. Sales Tax

The purchase of any merchandise is unequivocally subject to the prevailing sales tax, harmonious with the current state and local tax rates that are applicable to the destination of shipping or delivery. It is of paramount importance to recognize that the estimated sales tax is meticulously calculated at the time of purchase, typically based on the comprehensive selling price of each individual item. This calculated selling price, contingent on pertinent local and state regulations, may encompass discounts, shipping charges, and processing fees. Consequently, it is prudent to recognize that any fluctuations in the factors that substantiate the calculation of the sales tax between the moment of order placement and the subsequent charging of your credit card may lead to disparities between the initially estimated sales tax and the ultimate sales tax charged.

4. Delivery Methods

The efficacious delivery method employed is inherently influenced by the dimensions and weight of the specific online purchase.

Standard Shipping

It is our policy to dispatch smaller, lightweight items via established courier services or mail carriers such as UPS or FedEx. Certain items may necessitate assembly upon arrival. Communication shall promptly ensue, notifying you immediately when the order is dispatched. The shopping cart shall invariably display the available shipping options

White Glove Delivery

Opting for white glove delivery entails the meticulous delivery of your selected items to your chosen room of placement. Moreover, if deemed necessary, the service encompasses assembly of the delivered items, with the removal of packaging materials as a natural extension. It is noteworthy, however, that the delivery team is not authorized to either relocate pre-existing furniture or effect its removal. For a seamless delivery experience, we recommend acquainting yourself with our pre-delivery recommendations. In a maximum of two days subsequent to the order's placement, our dedicated team shall initiate contact to facilitate a mutually convenient delivery schedule.

Doorstep Delivery

Opting for Doorstep Delivery signifies the delivery of items to your doorstep, intact within their original packaging. In scenarios involving apartment or condominium deliveries, the items shall be strategically positioned outside the designated unit, within the building's lobby, or at the property's administrative office. It is a prerequisite for an individual aged 18 or older to be present, thereby signifying receipt of the items in an inspected and satisfactory condition. The ambit of this service explicitly excludes assembly, setup, or the removal of packaging materials. Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that the delivery personnel are not sanctioned to convey furniture beyond a maximum of three flights of stairs.

It is incumbent upon you to meticulously transfer the furniture from the designated drop-off area to your intended indoor location. Subsequently, you assume responsibility for the assembly, setup, unboxing, and the proper disposal of all packaging materials. Importantly, it is imperative to comprehend that any damage arising from the movement of furniture during the transition indoors or during the assembly process is to be attributed to your account. It is pertinent to note that Doorstep Delivery may not be a universally applicable option for all items or purchases.

Merchandise Pickup

It is worth noting that Merchandise Pickup is exclusively available at 301 Island Rd. Mahwah, NJ 074303. Upon calling customer service and purchase, the items shall be made available for your pickup at our warehouse. While assistance during loading may be extended, the onus lies with you to ensure that items are competently loaded and securely fastened. 

5. Change or Cancellation

Should the need arise to effect alterations or cancellations to an existing order, the following guidelines are to be followed:

For Standard Shipping orders, a direct call to Customer Care at 862-295-1100 is warranted. Subsequent to the change or cancellation, an email confirmation shall be issued as an authoritative record. In cases where the product has already commenced its shipping journey, the option to return the item is availed, consistent with the specifications of our Returns & Exchanges Policy. It is prudent to acknowledge that return shipping fees may be applicable.

For orders that have been placed under the White Glove Delivery, the avenue for cancellation is by means of a direct call to Customer Care at 862-295-1100. Should the cancellation materialize at least 48 hours ahead of the designated delivery time, the order shall be duly cancelled. Conversely, if the cancellation is enacted within a span of less than 48 hours preceding the scheduled delivery date, the associated delivery fees shall be levied on your credit card. In both scenarios, a confirmatory email attesting to the cancellation shall be dispensed. Special orders, monogrammed items, or personalized items are regrettably exempted from the cancellation prerogative.

6. Return Policy

Standard Shipping Items

In the unfortunate event that a Standard Shipping item arrives in a compromised or damaged condition, it is imperative to promptly notify Customer Care within a window of 72 hours. It is our standard practice to accept the return of Standard Shipping items within a span of 30 days subsequent to the delivery date. However, it is noteworthy that return shipping fees may be applicable. In cases necessitating reporting of delivery damage or instigating a return, direct communication with Customer Care via the designated phone line at 862-295-1100 is paramount. In instances where a manufacturing defect is uncovered beyond the 30-day return period, the manufacturer's warranty (if applicable) is to be consulted for recourse.

White Glove Delivery for Items Ordered Online

To ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience, it is strongly recommended that items be meticulously inspected upon delivery. Should any item be received in a damaged state or display a manufacturer's defect, immediate communication with Customer Care is essential. By contacting the designated phone number as stipulated in your order confirmation email, arrangements shall be instituted for repair, replacement, or the retrieval of the compromised item. In cases where such communication does not transpire within 72 hours from the point of delivery, it is to be duly noted that all sales shall be rendered final.

Return Requirements

To effectively secure the full quantum of refund stipulated within the confines of this Returns & Exchanges Policy, the following criteria must be met: (1) the item(s) must unequivocally be in a new and unused condition, and (2) all accessories and constituent parts must be intact, accompanied by a secure packaging within the original encasement. This assertion holds true, except in scenarios where the packing is specifically removed as a direct outcome of the White Glove Delivery.

Regrettably, returns are not admissible for Final-Sale and Clearance Items, Special Orders, or Monogrammed and Personalized Items. The exception to this rule arises in the event of items being delivered in a damaged or defective state, provided such instances are duly reported to us within a stipulated 72-hour timeframe subsequent to delivery. 



Upon receipt of the returned item(s), a thorough inspection shall be promptly executed. Consequently, all relevant exchanges, credits, and refunds shall be expeditiously processed, reflecting the purchase price of the returned items. In strict consonance with applicable state law, the refund of taxes shall be duly effected. It is imperative to underline that, with the exception of refunds relating to damaged or defective merchandise, the charges affiliated with shipping, delivery, and handling remain nonrefundable. Moreover, the return of items may potentially entail additional shipping or pickup fees. The refund mechanism is predicated on the original payment method utilized at the time of purchase. For a comprehensive refund or credit display on your credit card statement, an approximate window of 7-10 days is typically required following the formal receipt of the returned item(s).

In-Store Purchase Return

For individuals who have made purchases in our physical stores, the governing terms and conditions shall be those communicated to you at the point of purchase. These terms may be delineated on the reverse side of your purchase receipt, and they may inherently vary based on whether the purchase was conducted at an independently owned and operated store or at a store under the aegis of Sweet Home Stores, Inc or its subsidiaries. To comprehend the specifics surrounding returns and exchanges for in-store purchases, we earnestly recommend initiating contact with the store from which the purchase was made. The store's contact number is conveniently located on your receipt or alternatively available through our store locator.


It is incumbent upon us to emphasize that Sweet Home Stores, Inc functions as a retailer and not as a manufacturer. Consequently, any and all express or implied warranties pertaining to products and services procured via the Site are categorically disclaimed. The ambit of such disclaimers extends to, but is not restricted to, the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no uncertain terms, Sweet Home Stores, Inc shall bear no liability for any form of direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, loss of profits, punitive, exemplary, or analogous damages. These potential damages, irrespective of foreseeability, are unequivocally distinguished by their origin in any defect in the products and services sold, supplied, or provided to you. This pertains to their use, or even the inability to effectively utilize them. Notably, products that are the handiwork of Sweet Home Stores, Inc are comprehensively enveloped by the provisions of its Limited Warranty, which is enclosed with the products. Conversely, products not manufactured by Sweet Home Stores, Inc is exclusively governed by the respective manufacturer's warranty, if applicable.

8. Protection Plans

For all inquiries relating to claims under a protection plan or seeking supplementary information regarding the same, we urge you to initiate contact with the designated service provider stipulated within the contours of the protection plan.

9. Arbitration and Class Waiver

Subject to minor claims actions that are amenable to initiation by either party, it is mutually agreed upon to engage in binding individual arbitration, administered by the American Arbitration Association. This arbitration process is predicated on the regulatory framework delineated within the Federal Arbitration Act. By virtue of the consent to this clause, the right to a jury trial is explicitly waived. Furthermore, it is expressly agreed upon that any dispute resolution mechanisms shall be effectuated on an individual basis, explicitly excluding the pursuit of any class or representative claims. The consolidation of proceedings is contingent upon the collective consent of all relevant parties. In scenarios where your arbitration is positioned within the ambit of a grouping termed "Related Cases" within our dispute resolution process, specific batch arbitration protocols shall be applicable. The acknowledgment of this clause is grounded in the awareness of its content, even in instances where it has not been individually perused. The comprehensive dispute resolution process, accessible at www.sweethomestores.com/pages/dispute-resolution-process, establishes the framework within which you are bound.